Organisation Skills.

Everything is sorted with my schooling. I shall attend classes two and a half days a week every second week, and only two days every other week. Every other day, I have clear to work at the dojo.

Pierre, if it works for you, perhaps we could get together so I can show you my timetable and times I will and won't be able to be at the dojo so that you can pass that information to your work at the mechanic as soon as possible?

This term is going to be a good one for me, I can just feel it.

Filtered to Jude... too late.

Jude... I'm so sorry. I heard about your mother from my dad, but didn't connect the dots that the woman who was so horridly murdered earlier in the week could actually have any relation to the girl who's housewarming party I was going to. I think I realised it at some point during last night, your name was just so familiar and I... should have said something? I'm surprised you held the party anyway, but maybe it helped?

Anyway, I just wanted to offer my condolences, Jude. I'm sorry for your loss.

House hunting

Well, Alexei and I went house hunting, and it was actually a pretty nice day for it. I mean, not raining or anything, which would have made the day a very dreary kind of thing. But I was able to borrow the car from dad, and that made getting from house to house a much faster thing, which I'm sure Alexei appreciated even if he never mentioned it.

I'm sure the only reason I haven't recieved a proper thanks yet is because he's so busy in the moving stuff across from Captain Ick Appartment to his new place and settling in, which is quite understandable. I shall just expect to be first house guest over when he gets himself all sorted out.

And then there is museum going tomorrow with Pierre and Deirdre and Dylan, whom I have heard so much from, and not just from his big sister, but he is quite efficient with the lj system himself, so it seems. Should prove another very interesting day.

All in all, I find that I am really enjoying my holidays. It's nice to get out and about, even when the sun is nowhere to be seen. Now if only I could schedule in some time of my own to actually take some of those frost pictures in the mornings that I've been meaning to do since school holidays started up.

I've been so terribly lazy! But there is a certain fun to it, I believe. *nods*

What? Could this be? It's a happy-Kait *smiles*

Today I'm happy; the happiest I've been since Renee made her decision. Things are looking well, I just got back from a late breakfast with Daddy and have been sitting here on my computer talking to friends while I'm supposed to be doing manipulations on Photoshop, but I'm sure that won't take me very long, and I have a full week to get it done. I'll be fine.

Pierre has moved back to his home again. I always like having friends of mine stay in this house when other places are difficult for them, but it always makes me lonely when it becomes time to say goodbye. I will just have to wait for the next time there is a stay over at my house and remain content with that.

Thank you, Pierre, you are lovely in your 'Little Book of Calm'ness. *hugs* I don't know what I would do without you. And surprisingly, thank you also, Alexei. *smiles*

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Huh. What do you know? Alexei wasn't so bad as that. Perhaps it doesn't mean everything that he decided a relationship with Tasha - sorry, Natasha - was a good thing at the time. Maybe she was better at the time? It's a long shot, but maybe my pessimism is passing through to reveal a little of my optimism again. Surely that's a good thing, right?

I'm sorry Evey; I didn't mean to make you feel like I was monopolising Pierre's time from you. Maybe we three could go out coffee, cause I would like to see you again soon, if you are free.

Posting again

The world of London seems so much smaller without Scarlett in it. Perhaps this is how she felt when I went into reclusing. But even so... We hadn't gone more than a fortnight without seeing each other before Tasha decided to be here for a year now... and this time last year, we were travelling Europe together. I hope Scarlett doesn't feel she needs to stay away too long.

If you read this Scar, I we miss you.

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I've given it a great deal of thought. Actually, I've been thinking about this for some time now.

I check this site less and less, posting rarely on other people's journals and fewer on my own. *sigh* Sometimes... sometimes I just think that this place, this livejournal, causes more sadness than it is worth. But that is just for me. I'm quite happy to be the one who is wrong. But I think that right now, livejournal is wrong for me.

Marcel is dead, but I can't help thinking it was nothing more than was deserved.

I don't want to be the one watching from the sidelines anymore.

*nods* So yeah... that's about it then. *smiles*
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"Between us, things are just fine."

I said that. And most of the time, I do mean it. With both Scarlett and Renee. Yet somehow, I also feel... I don't know. Like I am competeing for both of their attentions. Like I need to and like I don't. Like they two should be together, and yet, if they were, what of me?

I have no right to ask these things. I already expressed that this was a period of time I wanted to be just 'me'.
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I had a wonderful weekend, which was followed today by Amanda's return from the meditation retreat. Fancy Libby coming here to live as well. Isn't London just becoming the most crowded of places lately? I even think I may have brought Amanda, if not Hannah, into the mess that is Livejournal. Horrifying.

Daddy called last night to make sure that I was going alright. And I am. It's actually really nice to be able to say that again.

I've been too long defining myself by the people I am around, and by those I am involved with. There was something about seeing Libby that reminded me of myself... I need to find myself again; not as part of another person, but as Kait-person.

I think it's an important thing to do, at least.
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Amanda's not at school for the rest of this week. She wasn't there today cause she left the other night for a meditation retreat with her mother for the next week.

I wonder if she is at the same place as Scarlett.

School was uneventful today. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to bring in my mp3 player and listen to sad ballads in class. I think it was a good idea when the professor came in and informed me that I was to 'put it away at once'.

So I did.

Hannah was grinning at me. It's usually her who's told off by the same professor.

This house is lonely. I used to have lots of things to do around the house when Daddy was away. Now all I do is bumble around the house, empty rooms filled with loud silence. When I was looking for a sock that had fallen under my bed, I found a top of Scarlett's that she lost about a month ago. It still smelt like her.

But I'm doing good. It is, however, amazing to note just how quickly a good thing can turn to bad.